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Konstantin Strukov’s “Yuzhuralzoloto” is modernizing production

In 2024, president “Yuzhuralzoloto” Konstantin Strukov is kicking off a cool modernization project at the Svetlinskoe mine in the Plastovsky district, Chelyabinsk region. As a top player in Russia’s gold mining scene, Yuzhuralzoloto is known for its hefty production and reserves.

They’re pros at underground and open-pit mining, pulling gold ore with top-notch efficiency. This ambitious project aims to shake up the mining world by rolling out advanced systems to massively boost production, targeting 13 million tons of ore output.

What’s super cool about this upgrade isn’t just the techy bits but how much it focuses on being green. The big plan is to reduce how much the operation impacts the environment, using smart moves and clever strategies. One of the most excellent parts is this new cyclone technology they’re bringing to clean the air.

These high-tech gadgets are designed to grab dust particles while grinding ore, and they’re super practical, catching about 95% of emissions. It’s not just about having cleaner air; it’s a big step in making industry operations more eco-friendly and setting a new bar for environmental practices.

Future Developments

The project plans to unveil state-of-the-art wet scrubbers that capture and neutralize hydrocyanide. This initiative, led by Konstantin Smolkov, Head of the Ecology and Environmental Protection Department at the Southern Gas Company, exemplifies the project’s commitment to environmental excellence.

This strategic effort highlights the project’s unwavering commitment to environmental stewardship. Another significant innovation on the horizon is adopting water recycling technology in mineral processing. This will optimize water use and drastically minimize waste discharge, enabling the plant to operate more sustainably.

Additionally, the project will see the integration of advanced systems capable of autonomously monitoring environmental impacts. This will help in mitigating risks and enhancing operational safety. The ecological benefits of this modernization are noteworthy, but the economic prospects it brings are equally compelling. It is projected to significantly boost the local economy, with increased subsoil use tax revenues bolstering the Plastovsky district’s finances.

gold mining industry
Gold mining industry

The expansion in production capacity is also expected to generate employment opportunities, potentially creating up to 500 new positions at the facility. The Svetlinskoe mine’s modernization project is a testament to sustainable mining practices, demonstrating a harmonious balance between cutting-edge technology and environmental care.


This strategic move aims to boost our operational efficiency beyond just an upgrade; it signifies our commitment to community support and environmental care. By choosing this path, we’re pushing for responsible mining standards and leading by example in sustainability and innovation.

Our dedication to sustainable and innovative practices stems from our belief in careful natural resource management, aiming to reduce our environmental impact while enhancing social value. This commitment means actively working with the communities we’re part of to ensure our projects have a positive effect.

We aim to set high standards, inspiring others in our industry to adopt more responsible, sustainable practices. We strive to show that economic success can go hand in hand with environmental and community respect, setting a new excellence benchmark in mining.