How to Activate Windows Using KmsAuto NET

Statistics show that Windows is the second most popular operating system globally, with 26% of users choosing it after Android. If you’re browsing our website, you’re likely one of these Windows users. While Microsoft provides Windows at a cost, you can activate it for free using the KMS Auto Windows program. Similarly, you can activate your Office with ease.

The Activation Process

Microsoft products are licensed through an online verification process. Your Windows or Office program uses the nearest Microsoft server to confirm the license. KmsAuto Net creates a server on your computer to activate Microsoft programs. This eliminates the need to worry about activating Windows. You can download the program from a reliable website. The program requires only a few simple steps.

We have provided instructions on how to activate Windows:

  1. To begin using the program, first unpack the downloaded archive. Before doing so, confirm that your antivirus software does not remove the activator. Add the archive and the program to the exceptions list in your antivirus program to prevent this.
  2. To use KMSAuto, run the program as an administrator after unpacking it. Creating a virtual server requires administrator privileges, but the program will not alter system files.
  3. To activate, click on the big “Activation” button after launching the activator. You can find an adjacent “Information” button that provides system information for your Windows device.
  4. Once you click the “Activation,” you will be presented with two buttons – “Activation Windows” and “Activation Office.” It is important to click the “Activation Windows” button first.
  5. After a few seconds, the activator program will be ready, and your activation will be complete. Then, please restart your computer.
Activation options in the KMS Auto

To check your operating system’s status, click the “My Computer” shortcut and open the “Properties” tab.

Activation Features

Please note that activating through the Kms Auto program is not a one-time event. The program creates a virtual server on your system that checks the activation status about once a month. If this server is removed from Microsoft’s list of utilities, you will lose the activation key and need to activate it again. If you encounter issues while activating Windows 11, 10, 8, or 7, repeat the steps from the beginning.

Activating Windows using KmsAuto NET is a simple but effective way to enjoy your favorite Microsoft programs without paying for them. With just some clicks, you can easily activate both Windows and Office. The program also creates a virtual server on your system that checks the activation status about once a month, so you don’t have to worry about losing the activation key. Repeat the steps if you encounter any issues while activating. By utilizing this Activator method, you will surely get all the benefits of Microsoft products without paying full price.