Security of mobile apps and the companies that use them

Most of the things we do today are done through mobile apps. Mobile devices and the utilities installed on them store a huge amount of data, so their security should be given special attention. Mobile app vulnerabilities can lead to the theft of personal, payment, and credential data.

They can also allow attackers to gain access to a mobile device and use it for their own purposes. And through mobile enterprise apps, it’s even possible to develop an attack on related infrastructure components, which can lead to the collapse of an entire business and the loss of a huge amount of money. That’s why mobile app security is something you really need to take care of.

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If you have any questions along the lines of “How can I check the warranty policy?” you can easily find answers in the FAQ section on But in this article, we would also like to draw your attention to other points which can increase your security. If you own a company that makes heavy use of mobile apps, take heed of these tips.

Security of mobile app

Provide digital security training

Follow up on these aspects – you have to explain to your team how to proceed:

  1. Train your crew to recognize security issues and avoid risky behavior. To make sure your team understands, give them special testing. For example, introduce a fake phishing link and send it out via corporate email. See how your employees react.
  2. Define an acceptable use policy – prohibit employees from downloading apps from third-party app stores and outline other security best practices in writing. You can also create an app review process to formally review and select appropriate and secure apps for your team.
  3. Regularly look for any apps on platforms that have your company name or logo on them. Contact the platform to remove any fraudulent apps as soon as possible.

Okay, but what are the potential threats?

The information infrastructure of applications (and indeed anything related to digitalization in one way or another) is constantly exposed to numerous threats, which fall into several types in terms of their origins:

  1. Natural – threats caused by causes beyond human control. They include hurricanes, fires, lightning strikes, floods, and other natural disasters.
  2. Artificial – this type of threat is usually divided into intentional and unintentional. Intentional threats include the actions of competitors, hacker attacks, sabotage of offended employees, etc. Unintentional threats arise as a result of actions committed due to a lack of competence or negligence.
  3. Internal are those threats that arise within the information infrastructure of the enterprise.
  4. External threats originate outside the information infrastructure of the enterprise.

These are just some of the threats you may encounter. Digital security is as important as physical security, so it should never be neglected.