CapTune – Sennheiser’s brand sound app for music lovers!

All music lovers have probably heard of such a brand as Sennheiser. It is a German manufacturer of audio equipment, best known to all of us for its headphones. If you had Sennheiser headphones, then listening to music after them through something other than equipment becomes really uncomfortable.

And that’s because this company really understands what high-quality sound is. Now the company has released its brand application called CapTune, which is designed to give music lovers even more joy from listening to their favorite tracks.

Application features

The CapTune app was presented for the first time at CES 2016. It is designed specifically for Sennheiser customers who prefer to use Sennheiser sound systems. The application can be downloaded completely free for both iOS and Android platforms. Just go to the official application store of your platform and enter the name of the application in the search bar.

The main features of the player are as follows:

  1. Large set of supported formats. You can easily run tracks in MP3, OGG, AAC, WAV, and even high-quality FLAC formats. If we talk about the iOS platform, the Apple Lossless format is also supported there.
  2. All available music files are automatically imported into the player and can be played by the user at any time. If your device has ready-made playlists created in other programs – they can also be used.
  3. The app can be used on fairly old devices starting from Android 4.1.2 and iOS 8. This makes it available to almost every user.

The player supports the Airplay feature or playing with a wireless headset. It’s a modern thing that allows you to listen to music at a new level of quality and comfort when you don’t have to worry about tangling in headset cords.


Advantages of the player

If we try to compare the application with its competitors, we can define the following important advantages of the product from Sennheiser Corporation:

  1. Two different equalizers can be used, depending on user preference. One is a 7-band, and the other is a 14-band. For the basic settings of good sound, the first option will be enough. For sophisticated music lovers, the second option will be the best choice.
  2. The program is well-designed and perfectly displayed in landscape mode. The same applies to the equalizers.
  3. The application has a work spectrum analyzer, which many musicians and amateurs like because it opens up additional possibilities in audio editing, slicing, and listening.
  4. TIDAL integration is implemented.

The application displays on the main screen all the basic information about the track. You can also look at the EQ settings and promptly call up the window to adjust them. The application is designed in a dark color, which goes well with the modern trend of creating a black theme for any program.

The developers did their best – the application really plays the sound pretty well, lets you hear all the tones of the composition, and enjoy your favorite songs on a whole new level. It is also worth noting that it makes sense to use such an application in conjunction with Sennheiser headphones, as they perfectly fit this software.

In conclusion, CapTune is a cool yet simple Sennheiser app that was released in 2016 but hasn’t lost any of its popularity since then. If you love the really high-quality, beautiful sound – install the free CapTune app on your gadget and experience all its features personally!