Most popular premiere games in 2022

Novelties in the world of games are something that always pleases many gamers, and helps them have fun. Of course, not every new game meets the expectations of gamers, but the most famous ones always become legends. In this article we describe some of the premieres of 2022, which will surely please you.

PC games

There are some PC apps that are constantly becoming more popular and because of this, users of laptops and computers have the necessary programs for work and entertainment. However, there are some novelties in 2022:

  1. Lego Star Wars series and new The Skywalker Saga game. There, you will control the heroes from the third person, and gamers will again return to the universe of «Star Wars» with battles of Jedi, colourful Jedi swords, androids and Sith.
  2. Godfall Ultimate Edition. Developers offer gamers and fans of games of this genre to appreciate the full version of this fantasy slasher.
  3. Chinatown Detective Agency. This is an interesting adventure game in which you will watch the characters from the side. This game will take you to the world of the future, where you will taste the atmosphere of cyberpunk. Each gamer will solve sinister mysteries and puzzles.
  4. Forgive Me Father. There were no projects on the worlds of Lovecraft for a while but it appeared now. You will see a new FPS that the developers have tried to make very complex, atmospheric and scary.

    Forgive Me Father
  5. Demeo: PC Edition. This is a card game in a fantasy setting that will now conquer computers. It has such a feature as an isometric camera and a step-by-step combat system.
  6. Uragun. This is a new shooter that will be complex and unusual. The developers have prepared for us a view from above and an atmosphere of the near future, which is performed in a fantastic setting. The important thing is that this game comes out in early access, so you will likely face bugs, bugs, and a small amount of content. However, this project is quite cheap. Nevertheless, they are promising developers, in which we do not even want to doubt.
  7. Cat Cafe Manager. There are many business managers, but this project is unique. Gamers have to provide profitable cat cafe operations. All in all, this is a classic, albeit very cute, management simulator.
  8. Crimesight. Very unusual, simple and fun online project. In its spirit it looks like Among Us. Those who have played this game will understand the essence of this project. However, we should not describe this type of game so that you do not get any spoilers.
  9. Postal 4: No Regerts. This is the new part of the fun FPS shooter, in which gamers have to fight a lot and laugh if they like the humour in this project.
  10. The Iron Oath will appear in early access soon. This game is a cross-genre RPG game with turn-based fighting mode.
  11. Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodhunt. On April 28, each gamer will be able to turn to adventures from a legendary universe in which vampires are the protagonists. The release feature is a royal style battle in free mode.

This is far from all premieres in 2022. That is why we would like to list a few more unique projects that will soon become available to all gamers. Among them are Moto GP 22, Metal Tales: Overkill, The Serpent Rogue, King Arthur: Knight’s Tale, The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe, Dorfromantik.