Electronic music

Any music, including electronic music, is based on the sound reproduced with the help of various musical instruments: both completely digital and electromechanical. Of course, sound production is not limited to them alone. There is also special equipment used to create, convert, process and reproduce an audio signal. For example, synthesizers, soundboxes, sound cards and the most common audio systems. In the last century electronic music was treated as a mindless experiment. This was due to the negligence of the new sounds both in the USSR and abroad.

However, the sudden surge in popularity of the analog synthesizers in the 1970s led to their mass production and to the public introduction of the love of unconventional music. Due to the relatively fair price, synthesizers began to be used everywhere: many musicians of the classical genre started to add synthesized parts to their works and thereby won enormous appreciation of the general public. At the beginning of the new millennium electronic music has become a separate art form that has spread throughout the world. There were such independent genres as dubstep, EDM, nu-rave and others. Currently such product is quite a popular and profitable occupation of modern sound producers.