Pop music

Pop music is a world culture area intended for the mass audience. It has certain features. Songs line up in a traditional way: verse + chorus. A simple, tangible, and easy-to-listen melody is created. The accompaniment takes second place. Pop musicians who are accompanying don’t have solos, usually they are not credited to the song, and don’t lead a music group.

In this genre the rhythmic structure is very important. Most pop songs are created to back a dance. They have a clear beat that barely changes. The main musical unit in this direction of art is a specific song or single. The average duration of a song is 2-4 minutes. This fits into the radio format standards. Singles with a longer duration, with lengthy instrumental parts are extremely rare. Albums with a common compositional idea and history are also uncommon.

Lyrics usually tell about personal experience and feelings, such as love, suffering, or joy. Visual details – concerts and clips – play an important role. That’s why pop artists often try on a striking image that catches attention.