Popular Jamaican reggae music dates back to the 1960s. It originates from the ska and toasting music styles, popular among the local population at street discos, which were arranged by the owners of powerful mobile sound systems. Toasting is considered the predecessor of hip-hop, because it is typical for it to comment on a song over the music.

One of the directions is Early reggae, which appeared in 1968, later known as Skinhead reggae, since it was popular in the corresponding subculture.

On the basis of early reggae and drum rhythm the direction of roots-reggae developed. It is characterized by religious musical texts.

Dub is an experimental and psychedelic musical direction. There the rhythm section comes to the fore while the sound of other instruments and vocals are present remotely. Sound effects are actively used, such as echo, reverb, rhythm frequencies, which gives the music a mystical shade.

In the early 1980s a new dance direction appeared, which is called dancehall. In the early 1990s – Euro reggae, closely related to the popular European electronic music of that period.